Becker All-Star speaks softly, and carries a big G.P.A.

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BECKER, Minn. - As the photographer's bright light illuminates her and the reporter prepares to question her about her academic success, Becker senior Alyssa Haus looks around anxiously.

"I get really red," says Alyssa. "I don't know if I'm red now, but I guess I really don't like to be the center of attention."

It's not that Alyssa doesn't appreciate being featured as an Academic All-Star, it's just that Alyssa's one of those kids who's just fine outside the spotlight.

Says Alyssa, "I feel honored but, it makes me nervous."

Although she may be shy by nature, Alyssa is still very much a leader in her school.

"I just kind of show people I guess, instead of forcing them to do something," says Alyssa.

A 4.0 student and the Secretary for the National Honor Society, Alyssa is also an outstanding athlete.

"I put a lot of expectations on myself," says Alyssa. "Especially being a 4.0, you're like, I have to keep it up, but mostly for myself."

A member of the Becker gymnastics team, Alyssa has been a participant at the state meet every year since the 7th grade, and it's in athletics where Alyssa feels most comfortable.

"Yeah, I feel like I open up around my teammates," says Alyssa. "But, in a school setting I'm still pretty quiet."

In track, Alyssa is a member of the school record-setting 4X400 relay team, and the winner of numerous scholar athlete awards, and it's partly because of her athletic background that Alyssa is considering a future in biokenetics.

"You can do physical therapy or physician's assistant or chiropractor, stuff like that," says Alyssa. "But, I really like nutrition too, but, I'm having a hard time finding a major that has both."

Alyssa, who prefers to lead by example, is hoping to attend a small, faith-based school, within easy driving distance of her home in Becker.

Says Alyssa, "I can't imagine not being able to come home when I want to, like being hours away. I think it will be nice to be just 45-minutes away or so."

Close enough to be comfortable but small enough to be out of the spotlight and for Alyssa Haus, that sounds just about right.

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