Schaffhausen jurors watch videotaped interrogation

7:14 PM, Apr 3, 2013   |    comments
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HUDSON, Wis. - Jurors are viewing the videotaped interrogation of admitted murderer Aaron Schaffhausen as Day 2 of his insanity trial unfolds.

The 15-person jury, nine women and six men, watched nearly two hours of videotape during the morning session.

Schaffhausen sat mute during most of the proceeding, refusing to respond to the questions of investigators. He did nod once, when asked by a paramedic if he needed medical attention.

More than two hours into the interrogation, however, the investigator changed tactics and told Schaffhausen he knew he cared about the girls.  Schaffhausen began to sob when the officer said, "I know you loved them because you put them back in bed and covered them up."

"I can't feel my hands," was the first words Schaffhausen uttered and the investigator moved his handcuffs.

Twelve members of the jury will eventually decide whether Schaffhausen was suffering from mental illness or defect when he slashed the throats of his daughters in July of 2012. 

Schaffhausen's ex-wife Jessica is expected on the stand Wednesday afternoon. On Tuesday jurors listened to her frantic 911 call to dispatchers telling them that she thought her daughters had been murdered. 

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