Spring fever proves to be hard to catch

1:18 AM, Apr 9, 2013   |    comments
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It is the second week of April. Right?

Many people might take a second glance at their calendars this week. Temperatures all week will continue to run 12 to 20 degrees below normal. By the time the weekend rolls around, we should be hitting the upper 50s on a regular basis, in a normal year. We are hoping that by Sunday, we at least will be in the low 50s.

The issue will be that the "new" snow pack could inhibit temperatures a bit. Yes, I did say "new snow pack." The models have rain/sleet/snow -- all of the above -- occurring from Tuesday through Thursday night. Rain will mix in late Tuesday afternoon and evening in the metro area.

Accumulations will be tough at first, with the snow-free, partially thawed ground, but with the amount of moisture we expect and with critical temperatures at hand, it certainly is plausible. Think of April snow as well-placed moisture for your lawn.

Stay tuned for more details. Spring fever is a hard to catch this year!

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