Marshall residents cope with winter's blast

9:30 PM, Apr 9, 2013   |    comments
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MARSHALL, Minn. - In the span of an hour on Tuesday evening, Marshall residents experienced pouring rain, driving sleet and then snowflakes the size of cotton balls.

Susan McLean, an English professor at Southwest Minnesota State University, was shoveling morning snow in the evening, while it was pouring rain.

She quoted a great writer who might have captured how many of us are feeling as we brace for significant snow in April.

"T.S. Elliot. (said) April is the cruelest month," McLean said with a smile.

Worsening travel conditions brought early school dismissals across southwestern Minnesota and then the cancellations of just about everything else.

A sign outside the Dairy Queen that read "Blizzard of the Month" wasn't likely put up to be ironic, but during a snowstorm on April 9, it could be taken either way.

Agriculture teachers Jason Kaari and Abbie Westby were dealing with the conditions by thinking of dryer and warmer day ahead.

"Summer vacation starts in about five weeks for us here," Kaari said.

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