Motivation Monday: Healthy habits to keep you on track

8:11 AM, Apr 15, 2013   |    comments
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GOLDEN VALLEY, Minn. - You've heard this before: If you want to be successful at something, study the habits of the experts. That's the best free advice you can get.

Fitness expert Chirs Freytag came to KARE 11 to help keep you on track. She admits she's not perfect (at all!!) with these habits either, but still gives it a shot. Here are some of the ways she sneaks in her workouts and keep my mind in the game: It's all about habits...

Habit Number One: Live by the 90/10 rule. Most of the time (90 percent!) maintain healthy habits including eating healthy and exercising regularly and allow indulgences only 10 percent of the time. It's not what you do once in a while that counts; it's what you do most often.

Habit Number Two: Aim for a 30-60 min a day but never miss more than two days in a row of exercise. Follow the two-day rule. Something may come up that makes you miss exercise on a particular day, but don't let it happen more than two days in a row. Commit to never letting more than two days pass you by without exercise.

Habit Number Three: Use monitoring tools. Determine what monitoring tools you want to use to track steps taken, calories burned, heart rate zones, and exercise duration. You can track what you eat with digital tools like MyFitnessPal or track your exercise with digital armbands and heart rate monitors. ( She wears her polar FT40 everyday and my FitbitJ)

Habit Number Four: Cross train. Unless you are preparing for an upcoming competition or race, train for overall health and include cardio, strength and flexibility in your regime. Don't get stuck in a rut of steady state cardio which can get boring and then you quit. Add in intervals, hills and speed to challenge your heart. Try biking, skipping, running, inline skating... think FUN!

Habit Number Five: Be prepared. It takes planning but travel with a pair of tennis shoes, an ipod and always be ready for a workout. Keep sunscreen and a change of clothes in my car. She always brings tennis shoes in her suitcase when traveling. Also, don't go anywhere without water. You should be drinking it all day long.

Habit Number Six: Work on your attitude everyday. If your thoughts are positive, your actions are more likely to be positive too. Stop those negative thoughts in their tracks. Replace with positive!


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