Minn. running community shows support for Boston victims

7:17 AM, Apr 17, 2013   |    comments
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MINNEAPOLIS - Running may be a solo sport, but there's no denying runners are part of a much larger community.

That's why it's no surprise that turnout for Tuesday night's regular run club at Marathon Sports in Minneapolis doubled in size.

"Typically, we run by ourselves and run alone, but today it seemed like the right thing to get together with a bunch of others and run together as a group," said Marriane Krljic, of Minneapolis.

Marriane wasn't the only first-timer to join the run club Tuesday. It started as a thread on Facebook. People were just looking for ways to show support for what happened at the marathon in Boston.

"So, I found my Boston T-Shirt, I didn't know I still had it, but luckily I did, and I don't think I've ever worn it and so today was the day to wear it," said runner Jenny Crawford.

Runners though aren't the only ones who feel compelled to help.

"I knew what they were feeling (Monday)," said Aaron Holm.

Holm was helping a co-worker change a tire back in January 2007 when his life changed in an instant.

"On the side of 394, I was struck from behind at 55 miles per hour, as a result of that I lost both legs above the knee. I was in the same situation that these people are in Boston right now," said Holm.

Now, Holm is raising money through his foundation, Wiggle Your Toes, for the Boston victims who have lost limbs.

And whether you've lived the tragedy or have no connection at all, the one thing that binds us is the desire to do something, anything, even if it's symbolic.

"Given the outpouring, I'm just really proud to say this is my sport," said runner Jo Richmond.

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