MN natives caught in the crossfire of Boston shootout

12:05 PM, Apr 19, 2013   |    comments
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  • Photo of bombing suspect, taken by Andrew Kitzenberg

WATERTOWN, Mass. - At least two Minnesota natives had an unwanted ringside seat to the high-powered shootout that killed one of the suspects connected to the deadly Boston Marathon bombings.

Andrew Kitzenberg, an Edina native and 2005 graduate of Breck High School in Golden Valley, looked out the window of his apartment on Laurel Street in Watertown as police and two brothers linked to the bombings exchanged fire. At one point at least one bullet bored through the wall of his home, ending up in a chair.

"It was about 12:45, 12:50 when I heard a couple of gunshots, or what sounded like gunshots," Kitzenberg recalled. "I walked over carefully and then stood behind the walls and looked out my window and saw a couple of shooters between a Sedan and a black mercedes benz SUV and there were two shooters with handguns that were taking cover behind the SUV and they were shooting westward down my block, which is Laurel Street. And they were shooting which seemed 70 - 80 yards down towards Watertown police vehicles."

Kitzenberg has been making the rounds on network shows Friday morning, and tweeted through the whole ordeal. Among the posts:

  • Andrew Kitzenberg @AKitz 3h Evacuated from our apartment by military with assault weapons around 6 We're all safe
    #terrifying #mitshooting #mit
  • Andrew Kitzenberg @AKitz 8h Bullet hole through our wall and the chair #mitshooting #mit #boston
  • Andrew Kitzenberg @AKitz 9h Shoot out outside my room in Watertown. 62 Laurel st. #mit #boston #shooting

Kitzenberg's profile lists him as the founder of GetonHand, a company that makes flashdrive wristbands.  

He was not alone in his proximity to danger. St. Cloud native and Cathedral High School graduate Meghan Marrer found her home in the middle of a shoot-out in Watertown early Friday morning.

Marrer, whose family still lives in St. Cloud, got an emergency text from the city of Watertown at around 2 a.m. to lock her doors and windows.

She and fiancé Adam Andrew got up to secure their house.

"My fiancé said, 'There's something going on, there's a hole in the living room wall,' and then we saw the bullet," Marrer said.

After checking doors and windows, the two walked outside to tell police. It turns out the shootout took place just doors down from their apartment; the two slept through it, as they had a fan on because it is warm in Boston and hard to sleep.

Marrer says heavily armed officers have been patrolling her street since early morning, and they are on complete lockdown as of 10:30 a.m. Investigators have questioned them and processed evidence from their living room where the bullet came through.

"It's been a long and emotional week in Boston," Marrer told KARE 11, speaking of the toll this deadly episode has taken on her community. "It's a cliche but people say something like this could never happen here... and it did."



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