Social media helps connect cancer survivors

6:55 AM, May 13, 2013   |    comments
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GOLDEN VALLEY, Minn. -- Facebook and Twitter are well known for connecting people be it old high school classmates or even new friends. But, for some, social media has turned strangers into therapists and philanthropists.

"My friends who are really funny help me so much," says Lynne Dablow.

The breast cancer survivor has used Facebook to connect with her friends, and even people she doesn't know, since her diagnosis back in 2008.

"People who would step back or feel like they could not communicate in person, maybe those are friends really comfortable with a social media connection that they wouldn't have done otherwise, so that's a huge blessing to open up that circle to more people," says Dablow.

Open the circle she has. Lynne started reaching out to friends of friends on Facebook. She met another survivor named Lisa. They would chat and help each other through bad days. Then, Lynne reach out to another friend of a friend who was planning a benefit for another woman with breast cancer.

The women starting working together but never met in person, but it didn't matter, the power of social media took over.

"I thought we'd be doing phone calls and mailings and we didn't have to. Word of mouth just kept going and going," says Laurie Serie, one of the "Banding together for Jane" event planners.

The group of strangers became friends and philanthropists. They raised $10,000 for Jane. They also plan to continue their work and their friendship into the future thanks to several degrees of separation that, thanks to social media, have now shrunk.

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