MN student murdered in Arizona

10:57 AM, Apr 25, 2013   |    comments
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TEMPE, Ariz. - A Minnesota student going to Arizona State University was found bound and beaten to death Tuesday morning, according to police.

Nineteen-year-old Becky Kasper had recently broken up with her boyfriend, 22-year-old Luis Soltero who has now been charged with her murder.

"She's like the perfect kid everyone wants," recalled her dad, Dan Kasper. "She's our daughter. I just think her story is worth telling."

Police believe Soltero beat Kasper to death with a dumb bell at his apartment in Tempe, Arizona. It's not far from where she was a junior marketing major at Arizona State University.

Her dad said Kasper was born in St. Cloud but most recently lived in Northfield where she graduated high school in 2011.

Investigators did not know a motive, but told reporters the investigation is on-going.

According to court records, Soltero turned himself into police saying Kasper was dead and he wanted to talk to an attorney. At the crime scene, investigators found a note, they claim was consistent to Soltero's handwriting, admitting to the crime.

"I killed her because I had to end her life," the letter read. "I did not treat her right. She deserved better but never accepted it. So I had to make the choice for her."

Soltero allegedly tried to kill himself by sitting in a running vehicle parked in a garage. He now sits in jail, held on a $1 million bond.

Kasper's family met Soltero over Christmas when the couple was in town.

"He was quiet, laid back, and easy going. Seemed like a good kid. No indication something like this would ever happen," said Kasper.

He said his daughter and Soltero had been dating since last fall but broke up a couple weeks ago.

"She said he was okay with it, didn't seem upset. Now this happened," recalled Kasper.

Court documents allege the two had been fighting and that Kasper would come to work with bruises on her arm.

Kasper's father made a point to talk to Arizona reporters Wednesday, saying he wants people know who his daughter was.

"She was always a very tough girl. Very strong, very focused," he said.

He told reporters she was set to graduate college early and loved going to school at ASU, the only school she ever applied to.

"You need to know who she was. She was going to be a great person here in Arizona," he said. "This is not just a loss for our family but also for Arizona."

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