MN restaurant offers discounts for people who carry a gun

10:45 AM, May 3, 2013   |    comments
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BROWNSDALE, Minn. - In a town as small as Brownsdale, Minnesota, a sale at the café on Mill Street is a big deal.

"Last week was huge, had people from Wisconsin, Mason City, and Fairmont," Langtry Café owner Steven Nagel said.

The sale offer only comes once a week, it's only good for breakfast and lunch and it is definitely putting the one cook cafe on the map.

Thursday is conceal and carry day.

That's right; if you have a permit to conceal and carry you can come on in and take 15 percent off that tab.

Come in carrying openly and the savings are greater.

"Not many places you can carry it, and if you want 25 percent off you get to have it," customer Lamont Andrews said with his holster fastened to his belt carrying a handgun.

Nagel says he didn't do this to make a big stink; he said it's because by and large his customers have guns and many of them with carry permits. To him it was just a sale that made good sense to his base.

"I'm very much for the Second Amendment, and so are most of my customers whether they are Democrats or Republicans," Nagel said.

A couple of guys sat down for lunch after making a 30 mile drive just to be at Langtry Café for the special.

"The Second Amendment is the right to keep and bear arms. Now it's pretty doggone important when it's number two," N. Terry Jorgensen explained while eating a sandwich.

Nagel said the idea wasn't to jump into a debate about guns, but that didn't matter.

Word of the deal didn't sit well with everyone in Brownsdale.

"I've had three negative responses. One was from a preacher that actually came in here he ended up getting so mad he took the white collar off and threw it. He wasn't happy about it," Nagel said.

But the special will go on come every Thursday, between 7am and 2pm at the café on Mill Street.

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