Students walk out of Hopkins High School

7:41 AM, Apr 27, 2013   |    comments
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HOPKINS, Minn. - About 100 students staged a walkout Friday afternoon at Hopkins High School.

The students say they're concerned about how some of them are being treated. The school says back in February there was an incident where several students dressed up as rappers. For some, that incident was considered racially driven.

The school says it responded to the matter in a fair and appropriate way for all of the students involved. But many of the students who walked out Friday say more needs to be done, and the walkout is the start of bringing that to attention.

"It helps to the extent that they can see we're actually serious about this," said senior Aja Belton. "It's not a game to us, it's not just something that we're just saying just to get out of class. We want to be in class just like everybody else, but we also want respect in that class and all of our classes so it means a lot to us."

Hopkins Public Schools released a statement saying they recognize a student's right to protest, but they invited them back to school, and most of the students did return to class.

Principal Patty Johnson is holding a listening session for any students who would like to share their perspective and be heard.

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