New phone app makes college planning easier

7:15 PM, Apr 30, 2013   |    comments
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MINNEAPOLIS - It's not easy talking to teenagers who are attached to their phones, but Delmy Suriano, a junior at Roosevelt High School, and her friends have a good reason to be glued to their screens.

The high school students are trying to figure out where they want to go to college, and they're doing it with the help of a new web app called the Minnesota College Planner.

It was designed by the Minnesota Office of Higher Education to help streamline the college application process. Suriano is using it to compare schools.

"This is very helpful because we can find how much it costs per year and what career do we want to be," Suriano said.

It's also helpful for guidance counselors like Sandra Kroger whose schedule gets packed with students.

"I get questions about what are colleges looking for, what should I take now, what should I be looking at taking if this is the career path I'm choosing," Kroger said.

Now students can find those answers in the palm of their hands.

To access the college planner students can plug in into a smart phone or iPad.

Students have to sign with a Facebook account or email. Once in, it helps plan classes, schedule entrance exams and explore colleges.

Suriano isn't sure where she's going to college, but she says the planner is helping her narrow down her options.

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