Woman found alive 17 days after Bangladesh collapse

8:16 AM, May 10, 2013   |    comments
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DHAKA, Bangladesh - Rescue workers in Bangladesh say they have found a female survivor buried amid the wreckage of a garment factory building that collapsed 17 days ago.

The woman is in remarkably good shape after her ordeal. She survived by eating dried food that was in the area where she was trapped, and by drinking from bottles of water that were with her.

She was found on the second floor of the collapsed eight-story building. Crews have been focused on recovering bodies, and not on rescuing survivors, for much of the past two weeks. The number of bodies found is now above 1,000.

Army officials first ordered workers to stop clearing the site with bulldozers and cranes as they tried to free a woman they said might still be alive. A soldier at the scene said rescuers found a woman in the debris and she waved her hand in response to them.

"As we made an announcement before starting to break the slab asking whether there was anyone alive in there, we heard someone groan," said a rescuer whose name could not be heard, according to The Daily Star.

Rescuers used a handsaw, welding and drilling equipment to try to cut through iron rod and debris to free her. They asked for a small oxygen cylinder to be brought to the site.

Workers at the site had been clearing the rubble since the collapse April 24. More than 2,500 people were rescued in the immediate aftermath of the disaster. However, no survivors had been found in the wreckage since the days after the collapse.

The death toll from the disaster soared past 1,000 Friday.

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