Eagle recovering from fight and fall at Raptor Center

7:03 AM, May 17, 2013   |    comments
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Image courtesy MN DNR
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  • Battling eagles crash land in Duluth
  • ST. PAUL, Minn. - A bald eagle injured in a mid-air battle is recovering at the Raptor Center in Saint Paul.

    Two eagles got their talons locked and crashed landed at the Duluth airport last Sunday.

    One of the eagles is being treated at the Raptor Center for puncture wounds and cuts.It will be released in a couple weeks here in the metro and not back in Duluth.

    "The other bird's still there. We don't know who had the territory, who's the intruder, but if he's here for a couple weeks and the other bird establishes then it's kind of unfair to him to put him right back into a dog fight," said Dr. Julia Ponder of the Raptor Center.

    The other eagle flew away and is expected to be okay.

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