Anxious Minnesotans ready for 'unofficial' summer

2:17 PM, May 25, 2013   |    comments
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GOLDEN VALLEY, Minn. - Although the weather might not be ideal this Memorial Day holiday, it has not stopped people from getting outside.

At Bachman's in Plymouth, workers say Friday was the store's busiest day.

"We just see the people swarming in," said employee Nancy Horsch. "People are definitely itching to get out and get their fingers dirty."

It's always busy this time of year, Horsch said. But this year feels different.

"It really is their biggest one. People are going up to their cabins and they're planting there and they're trying to get things done here," she said.

Kevin Mack sure has been ready.

"I am really behind this year. This is the furthest I've ever been,' said Mack who usually has his plants in the ground by now at his Minneapolis home.

"It's pretty safe that you can put everything in your pots now. So that will be a big thing this weekend," said Horsch.
But it is not just green thumbs that are anxious, but those on green tees.

"We've been full up all day so far. It's been a good day for us," said Andrew Bromander with Brookview Golf Course in Golden Valley. "Any time it's not raining this year, we're full up. It's nice."

One of those golfers, Tuong Tu spent the afternoon dodging the rain drops and placing friendly bets with his golfing buddies.
He finally thinks the golf clubs will be out of the closet for good this year.

"The snow melted and another snow storm came. Gosh, got the clubs out and put them back, got them out, put them back," he said with a smirk.

The Minnesota tourist industry hopes all that pent up frustration will bring big money come summer. Experts report 14-percent of travel expenditures occur during the spring.

But with gas prices hitting record highs, many travelers are expected to stay closer to home this holiday.

Either way, Tu doesn't care where he is, as long as Mother Nature cooperates.

"No snow until January," he said. "We want to get out there and swing those clubs."

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