Supreme Court ruling on gay marriage expected any time now

10:37 PM, May 27, 2013   |    comments
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GOLDEN VALLEY, Minn. - A Supreme Court decision on gay marriage could come at anytime. Meanwhile much of the country isn't waiting.

Three states including Minnesota have approved gay marriage in the two months since the Court heard arguments.

"The tide is shifting on this issue," says Brian Moulton with the Human Rights Campaign. "We see that in the polling and we just see that in the way people talk about the issue of marriage equality."

12 states currently recognize same-sex unions but 30 states have banned it.

The legality of California's Prop 8 ban is before the court right now. That ruling will likely have little impact in Minnesota now that gay marriage is legal here.

It's the court's other case regarding the Defense of Marriage Act, that Minnesotans are watching closely.

If the court strikes down DOMA, the federal government could begin recognizing same-sex marriages and allowing those couples to receive federal marriage benefits.

Opponents think any Supreme Court decision is premature.

"We just want to make sure the Supreme Court doesn't cut the conversation short by issuing a sweeping ruling," says Thomas Peters with the National Organization for Marriage. "We saw them do that before with the issue of abortion that didn't settle anything. Americans are fully capable of coming to their own conclusions and deciding marriage laws for themselves."

Illinois could be next to legalize gay marriage. A bill passed the Illinois Senate and is waiting on the House. Governor Pat Quinn has said he would sign it.

Whether the recent wave of states legalizing gay marriage will impact the Supreme Court's decision remains to be seen.

The court is expected to rule by late June.

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