Love-sick moose falls for statue in CO

8:22 AM, Jun 3, 2013   |    comments
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GRAND LAKE, Col. - Grand Lake, Colorado is like many other towns; When spring rolls around, love is in the air.

Except in Grand Lake, one resident's love is presenting a bit of a problem. It seems that a local moose has fallen hard for a creature that can't return his love.

The lovelorn creature is trying to draw the attention of a moose sculpture that was recently installed in the front yard of a home just off the main drag. The real moose has been seen flirting, nuzzling, and even... well, you know.

When news got out of the unnatural love affair the moose's trips to town became a tourist attraction of sorts. Buses have even been swinging by the home to take in the budding romance.

Like many others, however, this one is most certainly doomed to end in heartache.

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