Twins from Iowa meet Joe Mauer

12:19 AM, Jun 13, 2013   |    comments
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MINNEAPOLIS -- Twins fans come in all sizes. Sometimes Twins fans are even twins like Braden and Dathan Miller.

The five-year-olds were born just a minute apart.

"It was a shock. We weren't expecting that at all," Tina Miller, their mom, said when she found out she was pregnant.

But that wasn't the only surprise their birth would bring. They were slow to develop and by the time they were a year old they were diagnosed with cerebral palsy.

"You never can prepare for something like this. Never be fully ready for it but you do what you can," Miller said.

The family traveled from their home in Iowa to Gillette Children's in Minneapolis for treatment. Their dream is to be able to run the bases like their favorite Twins players. Recent surgery on their legs gives them more control over their body. Now, they're running at home on a chalk drawn diamond in the driveway.

"They may never be able to play baseball because of their cerebral palsy but that's kind of the next best thing. So, it's a lot of fun for them to run around the bases and they pretend to slide into home base and hit a home run and everything that goes along with it," their mom said.

On Wednesday all that practice paid off. Dathan and Braden, along with several other children from Gillette's, got to meet their idol Joe Mauer.

They were speechless but their faces were not. Their lives have been full of surprises and who knows, maybe they may return to run the bases at Target Field.

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