2-year-old crashes truck through neighbor's house

8:48 AM, Jun 20, 2013   |    comments
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GRAYSON, Ga. - George and Kathleen Williams came home from shopping today to find out someone broke into their Grayson house. It was obvious from the moment they pulled into their driveway.

The break-in was not conventional, however. In this case there was a pickup truck sticking out of their house.

"A little red pickup truck from across the street," George Williams said with a smile. "And it was driven by a 2 year old."

The pickup truck belonged to his neighbor directly across the street. Police said the neighbor was unloading something out of the back of the truck while his two year old son was in the cab.

"Just accidentally, the child was able to put the car in gear and it rolled down at a fairly slow speed across the street," said Gwinnett County Police Cpl. Jake Smith.

It was fast enough to go through an outside wall and two windows into the Williams' basement. Williams said it broke a gas line and a water line.

"I just wanted to make sure everybody was alright," he said. "Nobody was hurt and like I said, things can be fixed, people can't." The 2-year-old boy was not injured.

George and Kathleen Williams have lived in the home on Brocklin Drive for 38 years and have never had a catastrophic incident, not even a tree on the house, until this.

The neighbor across the street did not answer his door. If he's worried that George Williams would be upset, he's wrong.

"They didn't mean to do it," he said. "So it doesn't make any difference."


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