Wisconsin homes hit by Friday storm

5:26 PM, Jun 21, 2013   |    comments
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HUDSON, Wis. - The Friday storm that whipped through the upper Midwest did not spare Western Wisconsin. Hudson took the weather hit on the nose.

A number of trees were lost along Grandview Avenue and Woodland Court, where tall pine trees narrowly missed one home and landed on the roof of another. Homeowner Steve Adorn climbed onto the roof with the aid of neighbors to remove the debris.

Later, he helped others pull branches out of their drives and yards.

"Our driveway was blocked," said Laura Nadeau. "Lots of trees down, down Grandview, so, thankfully, it just hit our yard. I do not think it was lightening. I think it was wind."

Her neighbors, like Stan Sias, agreed.

"Sixty-five to 70 mile an hour winds, I would guess. (It) rained like heck. Trees got real heavy with the rain, wind like that, all she wrote," said Sias.

Sias told KARE11 news that he lost about a dozen trees off his property. His chainsaw was working overtime on Friday.

Several large trees were down along Vine Street as well, including two that fell on unoccupied vehicles and one that hit the home of Shawn Ward and Demetri Jackson.

"All of a sudden, you could hear the winds really pick up, enough to wake you up, so then, we just got up and started grabbing the kids to go down in the basement," said Ward. "We came upstairs and looked out the window and this (the downed tree) is pretty much what we found."

"It's a jungle," said Demetri, 12. "Amazon Jungle."

Everyone in Hudson was relieved that the damage was all property and no one was apparently injured.

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