Park Police officer charged with stealing from ATM

8:37 AM, Jun 27, 2013   |    comments
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MINNEAPOLIS - A Three Rivers Park Police officer is charged with stealing funds from an ATM at the park where he worked.

Investigators say Jonthomas Cross took money from the ATM inside the Chalet at Elm Creek Park Reserve on two separate occasions in January of 2013. The revenue manager told police that the two thefts totaled more than $1,200.

Prosecutors say that Cross had an electronic key fob that gave him access to the Chalet and the ability to deactivate the electronic alarm system. Managers at Elm Creek Park Reserve say that it was the park's duty to stock the privately-owned machine with $20 bills.

Electronic records from the Chalet's security system indicate that on January 7 and January 14, the nights when cash disappeared from the scene, Cross entered the building and disabled the alarm. Records from the same time periods indicate the ATM was opened and closed several times.

Police also accessed Cross's bank records which revealed substantial deposits in the weeks following the alleged theft.

If convicted Jonthomas Cross faces five years in prison on each charge.  

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