Fashion trucks take to streets in the Twin Cities

2:34 PM, Jul 16, 2013   |    comments
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GOLDEN VALLEY, Minn. -- Two trucks have taken the food truck idea and splashed it with a dash of fashion.

The Fashion Mobile is now in its second year and Flaunt Accessories in its first.

"Our goal behind it was to really make it feel like a boutique, so when they walk up they forget that they're on a truck," explained Melissa Hardin of Flaunt Accessories.

"We bought an old Star Tribune delivery truck and fixed it up and we had a store within two months," said Fashion Mobile's Teresa Grim.

Grim and her husband used to have a boutique in Stillwater, but they've found the truck to be less demanding and more economical.

"We purchased the truck basically for the price of the cost of one month's rent of our store," said Grim.

Since the trucks cost less to operate, the mobile boutiques are able to pass the savings on to the customer.

"Everything in there is under $100 and we have many items under $50, we try to make it the boutique-look for less expensive," Grim said.

"Our average top is around $32, so maybe they would find that in a boutique for around $54, so yeah, it is a lower price point and we're still really able to give them that style and service that they need," said Hardin.

You can find the trucks at Farmer's Markets and festivals.

Additionally, the city of St. Paul recently allowed fashion trucks to have permits, but for now, the City of Minneapolis does not.

However, the trend appears to be catching on, "Style-a-Go-Go" is the third truck you might spot around town. It's an old Fed-Ex truck that also has been converted to fit your stylistic needs.

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