Police pull over car converted into a pool

8:35 AM, Jul 29, 2013   |    comments
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BLAUENTHAL, Germany - Police in a small German community are looking for four enterprising dudes who decided to turn a BMV convertible into a pool on wheels.

An officer was on patrol recently when he spotted the gents, who were rolling down the road with water up to their chests. While the aqua-guys had thought of a way to seal off the inside of the vehicle so it could hold 530 gallons of water, they forgot one important thing: License plates.  

When he pulled over the vehicle they hopped out and made a break for it. At this point authorities aren't even sure if having a rolling swimming pool is against German law.

They did drain the vehicle of water... and said judging by the color of it, the guys were also using it as a toilet.


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