Man on Delta flight accused of exposing himself

8:41 PM, Aug 16, 2013   |    comments
Delta jet on approach to MSP
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SALT LAKE CITY, Utah - A 49-year-old Provo, Utah man is being investigated for exposing himself on a flight from Minnesota to Utah in November, according to a report from the Salt Lake Tribune.

The report credited a search warrant filed Wednesday in U.S. District Court. It said that the FBI Terrorism Task Force is investigating the incident when a woman on a Delta flight reported to her flight attendant that she saw the passenger next to her exposing himself during their flight.

The man told police that the flashing occurred after he accidentally rubbed peppermint oil on his private parts while going to the bathroom.

In response, he said he started scratching and adjusting his private parts. He also admitted that he unbuttoned his jeans as he became uncomfortable.

A trial date has been scheduled in federal court next month.

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