Grow with KARE: Labor day lawn care

5:32 PM, Aug 30, 2013   |    comments
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MINNEAPOLIS - When the Minnesota State Fair wraps up and kids are back in school, gardeners and homeowners should take a close look at their lawns.

This is the best time of the year to assure a strong and sturdy lawn, experts said. The temperatures will start cooling down on Sunday and that will give you the optimum temperatures to take care of plenty of issues.

First, you have to decide what your issue is. Do you have tons of weeds? Do you have impacted soil? Or do you have an area that is just too shady for grass to take off?

If you have a ton of weeds, you should use the appropriate weed killer. Grab a few of your most common weeds and bring them to your garden center and they will direct you to the right product. Make sure you be careful to follow the directions when using it. 

If you do that quickly, you will still have time to seed in around 14 days when the weeds are all dead. If you have impacted soils then the best thing to do is core aerate to loosen up the soils and then overseed. If it is too shady, you should maybe choose to do something else like a mulch bed with perennials or just a mulch bed with a border.

For more information, check out Lawn Renovation steps courtesy the U of M Extension service.

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