Mini musician charms fairgoers

9:46 PM, Aug 29, 2013   |    comments
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FALCON HEIGHTS, Minn. --  A funny thing happens at the Minnesota State Fair 12 nights a year on the DNR outdoor stage on the corner of Judson and Nelson. 

A funny little man named Jayden Hahn happens, to be more precise.

"Want to talk about music, what all do you want to talk about," Jayden asked as we started our interview of him.

5-year-old Jayden Hahn didn't want to talk about kindergarten, which starts next week, or toys or cartoons, only his music.

Yes, his music.

Jayden loves all things music and he especially loves playing with the band Ecuador Manta every day or night at the Minnesota State Fair.

Ladies and gentlemen this is no fluke.

The men of Ecuador Manta, all hailing from South American, noticed Jayden jamming out as a fan to their music at the fair two ears ago when he was just three.

"Well it started out by playing flutes. I was so good at playing flutes that they made me come up on stage. I was so good and now I'm a part of their family. When they come here I am a part of the family," Jayden explained.

A modern family it now is.

For 12 nights a year Jayden's dream of fame is realized when he captures his audience.

Clearly, a star has been born.

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