'Severe' drought hits parts of Twin Cities

9:27 AM, Sep 13, 2013   |    comments
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GOLDEN VALLEY, Minn. - The metro area started the summer with heavy rains wiping out much of the drought. Now because of the lack of rain since, "severe" drought has made its way back to parts of the north metro. 

"The worst of the drought stretches from the St. Cloud area through the northern Twin Cities metro right down the Mississippi River through Winona," said climatologist Pete Boulay. 

Boulay reported the worsening drought outlook Thursday.

"They're about 4 inches short at the airport. If you live in Anoka, Washington, Ramsey Counties you're about five inches short of normal," he said. "If you live down in Winona, they're missing eight inches of rain." 

It's turned lush lawns into crunchy fields. The more brown underneath Frank Rothanburg's shoes, the less green in his pockets. 

"There's no work with all the grass being dead. There ain't nothing to do," said Rothanburg. 

He estimates his Anoka company, Superb Lawn Care, has lost $40,000 over the summer. 

"We've got places we haven't mowed in three weeks now because they're just so burnt up," he said. 

And it's not just rain that's missing. 

"We've only seen maybe between 10 or 12 tornados for the year. And that's well below normal," said Boulay. 

And according to Rothanburg, even watering every other day isn't helping. He is now hoping "Mother Nature" steps in.

"Nothing's helping. We need rain bad," said Rothanburg.

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