Minn. woman among those in lockdown during D.C. shooting

8:13 AM, Sep 17, 2013   |    comments
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MINNEAPOLIS -- There are thousands of people who work at the Washington Navy Yard, the site of Monday's mass shooting that left 13 dead including the gunman.

One of them is Dellwood, Minnesota native LT. Ann Dingle.

LT. Dingle was in her office, where she works as an attorney with the Judge Advocate General's Corps Monday morning when she said she got an email around 8:30 a.m. ordering her and all staff to "Shelter in place and stay clear of windows."

LT. Dingle said she and her co-workers soon learned why online, when the read about the shootings that had just taken place three doors down in Building 197 on the Washington Navy Yard.

LT. Dingle was able to send a text message to her husband, Eric Fung, a native of Inver Grove Heights, telling him she was safe but she said for the next ten hours they were not allowed to leave the building.

When she was finally able to leave the building early Monday night to return home, she had this to say about the situation.

"The NavSea building, it's filled with both service members and actually a lot of civilians and they do really important work for the Navy over there so it's really tragic that there are twelve people who went to work today like any other day and just are not going to go home now," LT. Dingle said.

Her husband, Eric Fung, said learning of the shooting and the ensuing fifteen to twenty minutes it took before he heard his wife was safe, were the longest of his life.

LT. Dingle said she was told not to return to the Navy Yard for work until further notice.

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