Franklin's attorney plans to file lawsuit against Mpls Police

9:45 PM, Sep 19, 2013   |    comments
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MINNEAPOLIS - A grand jury has cleared Minneapolis police officers of any wrong-doing in the fatal shooting of Terrance Franklin during a struggle in May. 

It took two days for the jury to come to its decision after hearing 19 witness, most of whom were police officers. 

Police allege Franklin, a burglary suspect, grabbed an officer's weapon after he ran from police in South Minneapolis. 

"We feel that we have evidence that this was a wrongful killing," said attorney Mike Padden. 

Padden, who represents the family of Terrance Franklin, disagreed with the ruling that was announced Thursday but was not surprised. 

"I don't think an officer has been indicted in Hennepin County in at least 15 years," he said. Padden is preparing to file a wrongful death lawsuit and may even contact the U.S. Attorney's office to investigate. 

"My clients want the truth to come out. We know in other situations the involvement of the federal government has made difference," Padden said. He alleges Minneapolis Police covered up evidence and claims to have evidence that proves police wrongfully killed Franklin. He would not share that information with reporters Friday; instead he plans to reveal it in an upcoming news conference. 

But Hennepin County Attorney Mike Freeman called the cover up accusations, "poppycock." "We're a free country. Mr. Padden can say what he wants but he's dead wrong," said Freeman. He told reporters during a news conference Thursday that it is standard operating procedure to send a case to the grand jury when police are involved in a fatal shooting regardless of the evidence.

Hennepin County attorneys were not present during deliberations.

The county attorney's office assisted with the police investigation. "We worked with them, as we do on many cases. We are satisfied that it was a thorough and professional investigation," Freeman said. 

The criminal investigation is now over. And Freeman believes it's time to move forward. "We have followed our procedure. The grand jury has made this decision. That's part of our system. I respect it. And the community should respect it," Freeman said.

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