Vikings fans pin hopes, frustrations on London 'home game'

8:46 PM, Sep 23, 2013   |    comments
Courtesy: USA Today
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ST. PAUL, Minn. - The Minnesota Vikings players and coaches boarded an overnight charter flight to London, escaping hometown frustration as they prepare for a "home game" overseas.

Monday morning, complaints lit up the lines at KFAN sports radio in St. Louis Park. Dan Cole, "The Common Man" consoled frustrated fans.

"Do you blame it on the offense, the defense, the special teams the coaching or all the above? The ownership? How much longer does this go on?" he said.

"The whole regime needs to be flipped upside down," replied a caller.

Luke Derheim, of Minneapolis, hopes to leave his frustration at home. He'll head to London this week with his football buddies to cheer on his team.

"Trying to spin the season around, it's brutal," said Derheim. "I think if they get away from all their fans and all the media a little bit, help clear their minds a little bit, and hopefully they can get something going because we need some help."

Derheim says he plans to attend rallies and pregrame festivities in London. Thousands of fans are expected to join him in the purple party.

"We think if there is one team we could beat in NFL right now it would be the Steelers, but they are also 0-3," he said. "Regardless, we will have some beers and a good time in London."

However, many callers at KFAN expressed a desire for a new coach, new quarterback and new beginning for the team. For now, they are left waiting to see if Sunday's game will either quiet or quell the growing frustrations.

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