5 deals to look for during October bargain hunting

7:18 AM, Oct 2, 2013   |    comments
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GOLDEN VALLEY, Minn. - Between back to school and Christmas shopping, fall bargain shopping can take a toll on your checkbook.

There are some items that are ideal to buy this time of year, and can save you some cash, if you know what to look for.

The Street's personal finance editor, Ross Kenneth Urken, join KARE 11 Sunrise live from New York City with some the top five savings to take advantage of this month.


Good wine at reasonable prices can be found year round, but fall offers the best selection when vineyards release their newest vintages during the harvest season-like the perennial fall and holiday favorite the Beaujolais. You can stock up on a divine full selection, without having to settle for the Two-Buck Chuck... Germans, for example, pay just $1.79 on average for a bottle of wine.

We used to have more financially palatable tastes. In 1995, 59 percent of the wine purchased in the United States sold for less than $3 per bottle. By 2006, controlling for inflation, that share had dropped to 29 percent. Wines over $14 per bottle more than quadrupled their share of the market during the same period.

Buy in bulk or order by the case.


Gyms lick their chops at New Year's resolution time and in anticipation of summer when people want to get that beach bod. But slide into a gym in the fall when the health clubs are desperate for new blood.

At 24Hourfitness, new members pay a $29.99 initiation fee and $26.99 in monthly dues with an additional $2 off monthly dues after 1 year. This also comes with a free training and orientation session. 


Home appliances-the new models for washer-dryers and fridges arrive in September and October, so you can get steals on last year's models. Except refrigerators, which come out in May!

Often, you can score 25% by waiting for the sales to kick in as stores try to liquidate their old merchandise to make room for the new.

To boot, the items that have spent a year in the warehouse or on the showroom floor may have minor dents and scratches; pointing them out and purchasing these items with paltry cosmetic damage can net you a plum discount.


Buy a new computer after the back-to-school rush and when retailers want to get the merchandise off their hands as demand dwindles. Savings can be as much as 10%. A 13.3-inch Macbook Pro will be cheaper on Amazon than at the Apple store, so even e-retailers feel the pull of supply and demand. You could get $100 off a 15.6-inch Toshiba by buying after the rush, if the PC is more up your alley. 


With new models dropping into dealerships in September, October can bring huge savings-at least 10% and up to 20%--on the previous year's model. Forget bargaining with a huffy dealer; get time on your side. Also...you can double down with time on your side by going at the end of the month when salesmen are trying to meet their quotas.

Recently, a 2013 Masda3 with an MSRP of $20,020 was selling for a discount of $2,288-15% off the sticker price. That's the equivalent of almost 600 gallons of gas already in your pocket.

Even on a 2013 BMW 328 I convertible, you could get about 10% off-bumping the near $50,000 price to $44,715.

It's also a great time to lease, because it's the time when banks estimate a car's residual value.

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