Family spokesman speaks about boy who sneaked on plane

5:50 PM, Oct 8, 2013   |    comments
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Image courtesy MPR Photo/Hart Van Denburg

MINNEAPOLIS - The 9-year-old boy who hopped a flight to Las Vegas last Thursday has been getting into trouble for years, according to family spokesperson V.J. Smith.

Smith said that the family has tried to get the boy help but, nobody would listen.

"They've been reaching out to folks to get help and from what I hear they've been told, the crime isn't big enough, he didn't do nothing bad enough yet for him to really be put into our program or our service, yet. So, now maybe he has done something that they can get some real help," Smith said.

The family still doesn't know why the child went to Vegas. In fact, according to Smith the day the boy sneaked onto the flight his mother took the day off work to look for him.

Smith said the boy's mother called everyone she knew, but no one could tell her where her son was until she got a phone call from authorities.

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