Emotional father of 9-year-old stowaway speaks out

10:35 AM, Oct 9, 2013   |    comments
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MINNEAPOLIS - The emotional father of the 9-year-old stowaway addressed the media Wednesday morning saying he has not spoken to his son since the incident last week.

The man, who wore a sweatshirt and hat to remain anonymous, broke down while talking to members of the media.  He said Hennepin County officials told him they couldn't help because his son hadn't done anything bad yet.

"I'm a parent. I'm not perfect. We assumed he was at a friend's house. We had no idea where he was," the father tearfully said.

The boy's father says the child has not been on an airplane before. He said he wants to know how it is possible that his son could get through security without anyone stopping him.

Two days before he slipped through TSA security and on to the Delta plane the boy allegedly stole a truck and hit several cars including a police car.

When asked about the stolen car incident the father said, "I didn't know what was going through my son's head. I just hope and prayed that nobody got hurt and it could have been worse than it is and I thank God that it's not."

Family spokesman V.J. Smith said the child would possibly be coming back to Minnesota by Friday.

The boy's father said that the child thought he was playing the video game Grand Theft Auto when he took the truck. 


Smith added "If we can just channel all that energy, he might be our next president."

The boy's father said he misses him and he wants him home. He says that if he and his family can get services to help the family they will be able to assist the boy at home.

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