Boy who sneaked onto Vegas flight has troubled past

5:56 AM, Oct 10, 2013   |    comments
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MINNEAPOLIS - The father of the 9-year-old boy who successfully sneaked onto a flight for Las Vegas last Thursday says his son has a troubled past and needs help.

The boy's father did not want to use his name or show his face. On Wednesday he spoke to media, wearing a hoodie and cap, but that couldn't hide the tears as he spoke of reaching out for help but getting nowhere.

"I'm tired of people saying he's a minor there's nothing we can do. There's something somebody can do," he said.

The father said his son doesn't get violent at home but outside it's a different story. Last month his son got into a fight at school and got suspended.

"Principal gives me a phone call saying, 'my son is doing this, doing that,'" he said.

Last week, while still suspended from school, the boy tried to steal a delivery truck from a noodle company near downtown Minneapolis. According to a police report he started driving toward I-35W. He hit several cars including an Edina Police squad car.

"When he damaged those cars I didn't know what was going through my son's head. I just hoped and prayed that nobody get hurt. And it could have been worse than what it is but I thank the Lord it's not," he said.

When police asked the boy why he did it he told police he was trying to play Grand Theft Auto, a video game, according to his father.

A day after the truck incident the boy took out at the trash and never came home. His parents thought he went to a friend's house, which isn't unusual. But when his mother called friends to find him no one had an answer. That's when their frantic search for their son started, according to dad.

The boy somehow left his Minneapolis home, managed to get through security and is now in Vegas.

His father expects his son will return to Minneapolis on Friday. It's unclear if the child will be able to go home to his parents or be put in child protective services.

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