Sources: 9-year-old stowaway ran into airport trouble earlier

8:00 PM, Oct 10, 2013   |    comments
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MINNEAPOLIS - We did some digging and according to our sources the 9-year-old who the slipped past security last Thursday also had a run in with Transportation Security Administration (TSA) officers the day before.

Sources tell KARE 11 he made his way to 'Checkpoint 4' on Wednesday, and tried to slip past TSA officers while holding a large suitcase, but he was unsuccessful. Behavior Detection Officers suspected something and removed him from the area, before he could sneak through.

Then, as we know, he returned on Thursday, sources tell us carrying only an umbrella, and somehow found a soft spot and TSA officers failed to engage him.

He was then able to slip past Delta officials and board a flight to Las Vegas.

We spotted signs at 'Checkpoint 4' Thursday, that shows the TSA is taking that breach seriously. They have made slight adjustments and beefed up the barricades a bit using clear plastic dividers, so nobody can slip underneath the stanchions in place.

As for the 9-year-old's return to the Twin Cities, we believe it will happen on Friday.

The TSA released this statement Thursday evening: 

"The juvenile was stopped by TSA Behavior Detection Officers (BDOs) while standing in line at Checkpoint Four on Wednesday, October 2. After a brief conversation, the BDOs told the juvenile he would need to wait outside the queue, after which, he left the area."

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