Boy scout leaders topple ancient rock formation

3:34 PM, Oct 18, 2013   |    comments
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GREEN RIVER, Utah -- Two Utah men have come under scrutiny by the public, and possibly by prosecutors, after an online video showed them pushing over an iconic rock formation.

The men were visiting Goblin Valley State Park last week when they said they noticed a precariously perched boulder that was loose. They said they were worried it would fall on someone.

The delicate "goblin" formation, also known as a "hoodoo," is one of many that gives the park its name. The rocks were created in the Jurassic period 170 million years ago.

What followed was a video showing the men joking and laughing as Glenn Taylor topples the rock. The video is narrated by cameraman Dave Hall, who says lives have been saved. A third man, identified as Taylor's son, watches.

"I'm sorry for Goblin Valley. I'm sorry for the others that are going there. I'm sorry that the park rangers that are hired to take care of these things didn't get to take care of it in their own method," Taylor said.

Eugene Swalberg, public affairs coordinator for Utah State Parks, said, "This is very disturbing.  This is highly inappropriate."

Park officials say the Emery County Attorney may file felony charges.

"I love Boy Scouts, and there's a better way to treat the outdoors," Taylor said. "If I get a felony, I can never be involved in Boy Scouts again."

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