Rainbow Looms bracelets latest craze for kids

5:30 PM, Oct 18, 2013   |    comments
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MINNEAPOLIS - A new craze with kids has craft stores across the nation scrambling to keep rubber bands stocked on their shelves.

It's not a television show, not a video game, not the iPad, iPod or iPhone, but a bunch of colored rubber bands from a Rainbow Loom kit that have the attention of children across the country.

"I grew up doing friendship bracelets and those were harder than these," explained mother Carrie Shaffer. "And we did them like crazy. I was always walking around with a piece of paper and a string attached to it."

These days the little plastic holder serves as the paper, and the rubber bands are the string.

We posted a picture of the Rainbow Loom bracelets on our KARE 11 Facebook page and families responded with literally dozens of pictures of their own.

In fact, the looms are so popular it's a challenge for stores like Michael's to the kits in stock. Additionally, the rubber band refills of the more popular colors go quickly as well.

"My sister said they've been searching high and low for the refill packs and they can't find them anywhere," said Shaffer.

Still, there production lines can be found in kitchens and living rooms all over the state, filled with some little workers who have come up with big ideas.

A Facebook page titled Graham's Gift is part of a campaign to raise money by selling "Grahamlets."

According to the page, Graham has cancer and he sells the bracelets he creates for a dollar. You can go to the website to put in your request.

Not a bad consolation, if you have trouble finding a Rainbow Loom kit for your kid.

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