Amended charges for man accused of hitting and dragging Army recruiters with SUV

10:03 AM, Oct 31, 2013   |    comments
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  • Sgt. Travis Torgerson (l), Sgt. Michael Stroud (r)

ST. PAUL, Minn. -  Ramsey County Prosecutors are filing additional criminal charges against a man accused of hitting two Army recruiters and dragging one of them under his SUV for over a half mile last month. 

Enrico Darius Taylor, 52, now faces two charges of assault in addition to three previously filed charges of Criminal Vehicular Operation. 

Each assault charge carries a maximum 20-year-prison term. 

Taylor stands accused of striking Staff Sergeant Michael Stroud and Sergeant First Class Travis Torgerson with his Jeep SUV in a Roseville strip mall parking lot on September 17th. 

Stroud and Torgerson were returning to their recruiting office after lunch that day when they were struck. 

Stroud suffered minor injuries but Torgerson was caught underneath the Jeep and was dragged over a half a mile by Taylor, who prosecutors allege, knew Torgerson was caught in his vehicle. 

In the amended criminal complaint prosecutors say several witnesses were screaming at Taylor to stop and called 911. 

Taylor said he heard people screaming as he was driving and that he stopped to try and pull Torgerson from his SUV. 

Torgerson and witnesses say Taylor stopped twice, once trying to pull Torgerson off with his hands and a second time trying to kick Torgerson off. 

Torgerson told investigators that Taylor kicked him in the ribs like he was kicking a football when he was caught under the car and then got back into the vehicle and continued driving. 

After being dragged seven tenths of a mile Torgerson freed himself and shortly thereafter Taylor ditched the SUV and ran on foot. 

Roseville Police shortly caught up with Taylor and arrested him. 
Taylor has 11 prior felony convictions and was driving with a revoked license on the day the men were struck. 

Taylor remains in jail. 

Torgerson has been in the hospital since the day of the accident. 
He suffered two right leg fractures, a broken tailbone, broken ribs, and broken bones in his spine and had his flesh worn to the bone where his body was dragged on the pavement. 

On Sunday November 3rd a benefit is being held for Torgerson at Calvary Church in Roseville. 

Torgerson is a decorated veteran and has served in the United States Army since 1993. He is married with two young children. 

If you would like to inquire about sending a donate contact:

Donations are also being accepted under the name "Travis Torgerson Benefit Fund" at any TCF Bank.

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