What American airports can do to improve security

9:37 PM, Nov 2, 2013   |    comments
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GOLDEN VALLEY, Minn. - Michael Rozin knows airport security.

He runs his own security consulting firm in the Twin Cities, but before he started that, he served in the Israeli Army and worked in security at the Ben-Gurion International Airport in Tel-Aviv.

"When it comes to our airport, it's very easy to get in and get out," he said of the Israeli airport.

Yet, you rarely hear about attacks there like the one that happened at LAX in Los Angeles.

"From the very moment you come to the perimeter of the airport, someone is looking in your eyes and assessing your behavior," he said.

Screening behavior is important along with having a layered approach to security, he said.

"Open environments, without a doubt, pose a challenge," he said.

The Twin Cities has not been immune to airport violence. In 1995, a man opened fire at the Minneapolis - St. Paul International Airport. Police shot and injured him, no one else was hit.

At every turn since, where there has been a security breach at an airport in the United States more technology is put in place.

"The United States is designed to look for a weapon," said Rozin. "And very little attention has been placed on intent."

Technology and armed guards is important, but he believes not as much as training those guards to detect changes in behavior while talking to people as they get close to an airport.

He believes security is changing for the better in the U.S. but it takes time. Politics often get in the way of the change moving faster, he said.

Security officers at LAX moved quickly after the shooting on Friday where one person was killed and several others injured. And Rozin noted the quick response.

"But I think more effort needs to be put in the prevention side," he said of every airport in America.

And he believes you do that by engaging people, understanding their behavior by asking simple questions.

"And we rely on that more than we'll ever rely on a metal detector or X-ray machine," he said.

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