Come along for a 'Water Walk'

6:34 PM, Nov 13, 2013   |    comments
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MINNEAPOLIS, Minn. - "Welcome, thanks for coming," says a smiling Patrick Nunnally.  He is passionate about the Mississippi river and as the Coordinator of the U of M's River Life Program, he hosts monthly water walks to help others embrace that passion too!

"A lot of stories can be told from this spot," he continues.

Everyone is invited. Each session takes walkers to a different part of the river. Questions are encouraged.

"The flats there, the Bohemian Flats, is that man-made created or..." asks walker, Efe Iyamba.

"It is both, replies Nunnally. "A hundred years ago when the people were living out here the land was not nearly so built up.  It was much marshier, it was down some, it was much closer to the water's edge.

Today we gathered on the number 9 bridge, between two of the river's unique features.

We get a look at St. Anthony Falls to the north.

"The Stone Arch Bridge is the lower one back there, past that St. Anthony Falls, 10,000 years ago was at downtown Saint Paul," Nunnally says.

And steep bluffs to the south.

"Which is the only true gorge on the length of the Mississippi River," he points out.

To make sure you hear about future water walks, head to

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