Snorting Smarties: Sugar high?

9:43 PM, Nov 20, 2013   |    comments
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COVINGTON, Ga. -- A nine-year-old boy was recently suspended from school for crushing Smarties candies into powder and sniffing it.

This is a trend amongst kids that has teachers and parents like Chelsi Lewis baffled.

"I said, 'What? Where could he have gotten this from?'" said Lewis when she received the news over the phone.

"He told me he had witnessed a student in class, he had actually watched her. He'd watched her crush it up and inhale it," Lewis said. "I said, what made you so curious about it? And he said her reaction was like, wooo!"

Monday afternoon, Lewis said her son came home with a note stating he had been suspended for two days. The reason listed was possession of banned objects.

According to the referral, the boy was caught by a teacher "sniffing a powdery substance."

Lewis believes it was an innocent act of a curious child, and Demitri said he wouldn't do it again. But Lewis wanted to warn other parents about the dangerous trend.

"Anything going up the nose and especially candy - anything was terribly dangerous," she said.

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