Garrett Alessandroni

3:11 PM, Jan 10, 2013   |    comments
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"Volunteering is a way to contribute to my community and to alleviate the suffering of others." 

When a disaster hits, the Red Cross is always on the scene to help those in need. For the of the American Red Cross, no one is more ready to help than Garrett Alessandroni. He has been helping out everywhere and anywhere he is needed since 1997. Each year Garrett spends weeks away from his home helping those who have lost everything. While on relief assignments, Garrett puts in long hours and lives along side those whose lives were uprooted by the disaster. 

After Hurricane Katrina, Garrett spent three weeks in the Astrodome providing meals to over 4,000 people. Garrett has been recognized locally and nationally for his volunteer efforts. Recently he was promoted to a supervisory role in the Disaster Services division of the Red Cross. He is one of a select few Minnesota Red Cross volunteers to attain this level of responsibility. 

Designated Charity: Twin Cities' Red Cross, Disaster Services

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