Minn. family waits for adopted children from Haiti at Mpls.-St. Paul Airport

10:57 AM, Jan 22, 2010   |    comments
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ST. CLOUD, Minn. -- Freezing rain wouldn't keep Ginger Reynolds of St. Cloud from the airport.

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Reynolds and her husband, Dale, received an e-mail a little past 5:30 p.m. Thursday from a contact at the Haitian orphanage where their two adoptive kids are waiting to come home.

It read, "I hope everyone has bags packed and ready to go."

Although specifics were not mentioned, the e-mail signaled the potential homecoming for Rodeley, 8, and Roselene, 6.

Reynolds tried to send an e-mail update to the friends and family members who are following their story. But she had exceeded the account's memory limit.

"I guess I've reached my quota for talking," Reynolds said, laughing. "I just have to get there. I'm praying for a plane."

Three other Central Minnesota families waiting to receive children from earth-quake-ravaged Haiti faced a similar day.

Reynolds' sister-in-law, Dana Howard of Sauk Rapids, spent the day waiting for news. Howard and her husband, Patrick, are adopting Jean Delince, 9, and twins, Justher and Judeline, 12.

She and her four other children shopped for warm clothes Thursday. Howard heard the children would visit the U.S. embassy today and maybe board a plane to the United States.

"If that's true and really happens, that's really good news," Howard said. "Until I wake up tomorrow morning and (they) tell me that they're on their way, then (we're) just holding steady."

Howard wasn't the only one shopping. Scott Schlecht of Sartell shopped for an orange iPod for his adoptive son J.P., 12.

J.P.'s adoptive siblings, Faith, 10, and Avalon, 13, hoped to look for songs to load on the iPod before J.P. arrived, Lori Schlecht said.

A New Arrival Orphanage, which is the home of J.P. and two children to be adopted by Sara and Marc Orjansen of St. Joseph, is supposed to visit the embassy today.

The children could be sent to the United States on military planes, according to Brian Brown-Cashdollar, development coordinator, Journey's End Refugee Services, Buffalo, N.Y.

Earlier this week, Brown-Cashdollar had planned to evacuate the children on a charter plane. Now, charters are not allowed at the Port-au-Prince airport, he said.

The Schlechts also worked on the bedroom J.P. will share with Eli, 6, who was adopted in 2005 from Haiti. The room has a cowboy theme, so the Schlechts settled on a new red comforter and tan pillow for J.P.

"Eli is pumped," Lori Schlecht said. "I can't wait to see them together."

The Orjansens of St. Joseph bought winter coats Wednesday night for the two children they will adopt, Vaniesa, 9, and SeBee, 3.

"I went to Scheels and said, 'I need the warmest coats they have,' " she said.

The couple planned to pick up a couple new outfits Thursday night as well.

"I just wanted something new for each of them," Sara Orjansen said. "One nice outfit that's just theirs."

Today will bring more waiting for the Schlechts and Orjansens, but they'll be ready to pick up their children. The friends plan to hunker down at the Minneapolis-St. Paul International Airport.


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