Work it Wednesday: How to get along with co-workers

7:38 AM, May 5, 2010   |    comments
Executive coach Chuck Bolton
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MINNEAPOLIS -- Chuck Bolton of The Bolton Group coaches top executive teams, and he says a key to success at work is learning how to get along with others.

"Having the work experience, having the technical skills, that's the minimum requirement for a job," says Bolton.

"What employers are really looking for is the ability to communicate and connect with people, and if we can do that, we can be successful in any role."

Bolton says communicating better with others means tuning in to their communication style.

He imagines an FM radio.

"If they're (co-workers) on the country station, and you're on the smooth jazz station you have a choice of either trying to pull them over to smooth jazz, or going over to the country station," says Bolton.

He suggests if you make the "pivot," it will pay off with a better working relationship.

How do you determine what that person's communication style is?

Bolton likes a time-tested model called D.I.S.C.

D means dominant style, I is influence, S is steadiness, C is about compliance. 

Bolton says people tend to gravitate toward one of these styles.  If you understand what another person's style is, you can modify your own style.  That doesn't mean change who you are, but making an adjustment to pave the way toward better understanding.

There's a bonus, too.  Bolton says better communication skills aren't just for work.  He says it pays off in all your relationships, personal and professional.


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