People forced out, schools locked down after explosion

10:38 PM, Mar 17, 2011   |    comments
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MINNEAPOLIS -- The explosion of a natural gas line in south Minneapolis Thursday morning put several people in limbo for several hours.

Authorities evacuated a number of homes, businesses in schools in the area, while crews tried to put out the fire. Many people could be seen walking away from the explosion area.

The explosion happened in an area with plenty of people in the area, causing authorities to order everyone out.

Residents had to lave their homes Thursday morning, and couldn't return until several hours later. But some were able to stay put.

Windom School, just blocks from the scene, acted fast, evacuating their 400 students from the area. At the time, Felencio Luna was worried and trying to find his daughter.

"I looked at the news and received a call from school saying she was safe," he said.

The students were transported to Kenny School, a couple miles away. To be safe, Luna found his daughter and brought her home.

"It's scary you know, anything can happen any moment, any second. Boom," he said.

Parents were invited to pick up their children throughout the day.

"One minute I thought everything was fine. The next, I realized they had already evacuated the kids," said Lachelle Frelix, a concerned parent.

But her second grader didn't mind the organized chaos Thursday morning.

"Because it was like a field trip, to a different school," said Lyric Frelix.

School officials at Anthony and Armitage were also on lock down during the aftermath of the explosion and followed proper safety procedures.

"We knew immediately we had a school close by, and needed to go into emergency mode and act," said Erin Glynn with Minneapolis Public Schools. "It's been very calm, and the Kenny School did an incredible job."


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