Nearing shutdown; Gov. and GOP lawmakers hold brief meeting before 'silence'

10:53 PM, Jun 26, 2011   |    comments
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ST. PAUL, Minn. -- Governor Mark Dayton spent a little more than an hour with Republican Lawmakers on Sunday; the quick session ended abruptly following lengthy talks the day before.

What did they talk about? How did the discussion go? Did they make any progress? Few people know, and now the state leaders are shutting out the media as a government shutdown nears. Neither side is talking; some are calling it a "cone of silence."

A GOP spokesperson said there was no media reaction to Sunday's brief meeting because the party wanted to respect the process and didn't want to break the Governor's trust in the negotiations.

What are Minnesotans, the taxpayers trying to adjust to life after a government shutdown, supposed to make of this "cone?" We asked Political Science Professor David Schultz of Hamline University. He said it most likely means the two sides are at an impasse; he also floated the idea that they've reached some sort of generalized agreement. He says the chances of that being the case are 1 in 3, at best.

We're left to speculate without any public statements. "Clearly everybody's anxious at this point, people are trying to make plans for is there going to be a shutdown, is there not going to be a shutdown, can I go to a park, am I going to have medical care? Again, responsibly, they should be sending some kind of signals to the public. Again, the fact that they didn't send any kind of signals at this point is troubling," Schultz said.

No word on when the next talks between the Governor and GOP leaders will. That information may fall under the "cone of silence."

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