Unexpected delivery for MN family brings joy at a time of great sadness

11:21 PM, Aug 27, 2011   |    comments
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CLARA CITY, Minn. --  Life, in just a matter of hours can take a mother from her lowest low, to her highest high. Selena Owen, of Clara City, learned that lesson last week.

"I just don't know how you are supposed to mourn and at the same time celebrate," Owen said talking about the fact that on the day she held a funeral for her 4-year-old son Henry, she gave birth to twins, at home, hours later.

Henry Owen died unexpectedly two weeks ago when his intestines shut down, his funeral was last Thursday.

"He is gone, I still look for him, I miss hearing him," Selena said in tears.

But just hours later something happened and life took another turn.

"I was lying in bed and I heard my name called," Selena's partner John Adam Day recalled.

At their home with no time to get to a hospital Selena went into labor.

The twins that Henry had so wanted to big brother were coming and they were coming fast.

"She said she was bearing down and the babies were coming, so she laid on the bed and I saw a crown," Day said.

Within a half an hour two lives were born. Delivered by dad, Adam Day, who by day fixes 18-wheelers and now apparently by night, moonlights as an OB. Country training, he credits, to pulling it off.

"I helped deliver farm animals, I'm not comparing it but it's pretty much the same thing," Adam day said with a grin.

Orion and Lana, the one week old twins of Adam Day and Owens are home safe tonight perfectly healthy and perfectly happy.

Bringing life back into a home that so desperately needed to see it again.

But not even for a moment replacing what was lost.

"We do mourn Henry; it is hard to be happy and sad all at the same time," Adam Day said.

It is unimaginable but it is the reality of this family.
Death came without warning and life came right after with little warning.

And all these folks can say is that if you never believed in angels before maybe you'll hear this story and think again about what to believe.

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