Amtrak passengers stranded, 15 hours late to Twin Cities

7:54 AM, Sep 22, 2011   |    comments
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ST. PAUL, Minn. -- It was a long, strange trip for passengers aboard a Twin Cities-bound Amtrak train stranded for hours in a remote area of North Dakota Wednesday.   

The train left Stanley, North Dakota in the morning, and shortly thereafter began a series of events that caused it to arrive in St. Paul more than 15 hours late.

First it was engine problems that caused the train to stop in it's tracks. Passengers waited for hours while crew members fixed engine problems.

The delay for repairs caused a domino effect; because the crew was on the clock during engine repairs they reached their maximum number of shift hours as mandated by federal guidelines. The train was delayed another 4 hours while another crew was brought in to complete the trip to St. Paul, and then Chicago.  

Understandably, most passengers were less than pleased.

"I think the most irritating thing was, they didn't tell us anything," one woman told KARE 11 as he climbed off the train around 10 p.m., a full 15 hours after their scheduled arrival time. "They did not keep us informed about what was going on, they kept us in the dark. And some really poor planning with regards to logistics as far as getting the second and the third crew."

Passengers were given complimentary food and drinks during the trip to keep them comfortable. Those seeking compensation of some sort for time and inconvenience are instructed to contact Amtrak.

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