Piper Breast Center offers new support with care coordinator

9:53 PM, Oct 5, 2011   |    comments
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MINNEAPOLIS -- A new care coordinator position created at Piper Breast Center is offering a consistent advocate for patients facing breast cancer.

"Prior to my joining the team, the nurses at Piper Breast Center were doing all of the care coordination," explained nurse Megan Tasler. "I was added to offer an additional role in connecting patients to support services and resources available for women going through breast cancer treatment."

The care coordinator role at Piper Breast Center was created in April of 2010 in hopes of providing more continuity to patients moving through treatment for breast cancer. 

"Patients can consistently communicate with me. They know I'm here all the time," Tasler added.

"I had different nurses, I had different doctors, but Megan was always there," breast cancer patient Josephine Chung said.

Chung, a wife and mother, was surprised by a breast cancer diagnosis this spring. "Because I have no history of breast cancer in my family and I have lived a healthy lifestyle."

Chung says Tasler was there from the very beginning and played an important part in her journey through treatment and recovery from surgery.

"Megan worked really hard to get me all of the pieces that I needed in order to make an educated decision," Chung said. "I was able to enter my surgery with a sense of calm and certainty," Chung said.

Tasler says she tailors her job to fit each patient's needs. Some are looking for help wading through appointments and paperwork. Others are more in need of emotional support. Either way, she is available to help every day.

"One of my favorite moments is when you can see on a patient's face or hear in their voice that you've helped them out and relieved some sort of stress," Tasler added.

Right now, Tasler is the only Care Coordinator at Piper Breast Center. Allina officials hope to expand the program so that one day anyone dealing with cancer can have a Care Coordinator.

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