MN man survives crash after passerbys come to his aid

10:26 AM, Sep 30, 2011   |    comments
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MINNEAPOLIS -- "There isn't too much I remember besides being at my friend's house with his fiancée and eating," said B.J. Anderson from a Hennepin County Medical Center hospital bed. "The next thing I remember I was waking up in the hospital."

That was back on August 14.

Anderson has been in the hospital ever since.

He's recovering from losing both of his legs after the SUV he was driving somehow left the road and rolled into a cornfield in northern Minnesota near his hometown of Fertile.

"Something told me I don't know if it was a premonition, divine intervention or what it was but we were never even supposed to be on that road," said Treva Bohm.

Bohm was headed to the Minneapolis-St. Paul International Airport with her brother and his wife when they decided to give themselves more time and take the scenic route south.

As the sun started to rise, they drove through some broken car pieces and figuring something was amiss they stopped.

"The corn was about seven feet tall, and it was early in the morning so it was cold it was covered with dew, it was very muddy we just kept walking," described Bohm.

The three of them saw a crushed vehicle, but didn't see anybody around, after further inspection, they could hear somebody moaning. 

Anderson was cold to the touch and likely had been disoriented in the field for hours.
They wrapped him in towels and waited for emergency crews to arrive.

"He really didn't have long to live," said Bohm. "The paramedics on the scene thought that he wouldn't have lasted another 15 minutes."

"Thank you," said B.J. as he was reunited with Treva Bohm and the two others who took the time to stop.

It's expected he'll leave the hospital in the next couple of days and although he has quite a road ahead of him, more than anything he's thankful. 

"I'm very grateful, because if it wasn't for them I probably wouldn't be here," said Anderson.

Medical bills are mounting and a fund has been setup in his name.

If you would like to donate:
BJ Anderson Fund
First State Bank of Fertile
PO Box 98
Fertile, MN 56540

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